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Movie Review: Naughty Gang


Producers-Sunder-Kishen and Ritu Jain

Director- Pankaj Kr Virat

Star Cast- Viren Bika, Rashmi Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari, Adi Irani, Monica Ravan,Vividha Kirti, Ramanjeet Singh and Soniya Bansal

Genre- Comedy

Rating- *1/2

Bizarre & Lacklustrous

Jyothi Venkatesh

Childhood friends – Raja (Kaif Khan), Harry (Ramanjeet Singh) and Ballu (Virendra Singh) – are always mischievous by nature and see no harm in taking to unfair means to get their jobs done. It is a situational comedy that revolves around three different gangs of conmen, femme fatales and mobsters and the hilarious events that unfold when the paths of these people cross form the crux of the film. Growing up into adults, the men are faced with a few serious challenges which life hurls at them and realize pertinent lessons about it.

The biggest problem about the insipid film is that though it starts off as an interesting comedy, the film starts tapering into a boring and bizarre film which is out and out lacklustrous with a lot of cringe-worthy scenes instead where the humor falls flat. To make it sleazy, the director introduces scantily clad buxom girls in various poses, which neither sets out to titillate you or make you laugh. The less said about the story, the better. The film abounds with gags and there are far too many predictable sequences which bore you and test your patience immensely. One wonders what on earth prompted actors like Ranjeet or Mukesh Tiwari to be part of such a clumsy plot where they have absolutely nothing to get their teeth into and only end up hamming.

Pankaj Kr Virat, who has also been credited with the story is handicapped with his own script as a director and fails to extract the right amount of performances from his star cast. In his eagerness to cater to the lowest common denominator, the director falls flat and you get disgusted when you see the characters fart often and even urinate on different people’s faces, under the guise of comedy. Skip it, if you can to retain your sanity.

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