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Movie Review: Noblemen


Producers: Vikram Mehra, Siddharth Anand Kumar

Director- Vandana Kataria

Star Cast- Ali Haji, Kunal Kapoor, Muskaan Jaferi,Ivan Rodrigues, Hardik Thakkar, Mohommad Ali Mir , Shaan Grover , Soni Razdan and M. K. Raina

Genre- Drama

Rating- ***

Sensitive to the core and unpredictable!

Jyothi Venkatesh

It is a film that sets out to take us into a grim and horrific reality, which continues to exist in the campus all over our country whether we like it or not. Though we do concede that campus bullying is an easily identifiable scourge of our social system, just how deep it runs is put forth by debutante director Vandana Kataria in a film that spares us none of the trauma and horror of a gentle, soft 15-year-old grappling with a school of homophobic bullies. When Shay (Ali Haji) lands a coveted role in his school’s annual play, it leads to him being bullied mercilessly by his seniors. As much as he would like to hold on to his part, it gets increasingly difficult for him and soon things spiral out of control.

Very deftly directed by Vandana Kataria with élan and a deep understanding of the complex and convoluted subject with a great amount of sensitivity, Nobleman is a grim and shocking reminder of the depravity and crass intolerance that often underlines the well-aligned smooth operation of elitist educational institutions and shocks you out of your guts and wits, almost to the point of numbing you.

As far as performances go, Ali Haji who had acted as Aamir Khan and Kajol’s cute son in Fanaah, renders a sterling performance as Shiny, the victim of bullying, followed by Gunzu (Hardik Thakkar) who is body shamed and driven to commit suicide. Kunal Kapoor though miscast as a Tamilian Murali, proves that given the right role, he will never let you down as an actor though it is sad that the actor is not seen in many films these days. Sony Ali, as Shay’s mother though in a small role impresses.

While the DOP is in full form, with his brilliant capturing of the winter and the backdrop of mountains, which make for the perfect setting, the film takes you by your throat with its sensitive issue and the unpredictable twist which comes as a shock to you and makes you leave the theatre with a lump in your throat.

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