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Movie Review: On The Ramp – Never Ending Show


Producers- Rajeev Bhatia and Nitin Arora

Director- Imran Khalid

Star Cast- Ranvir Shorey, Urvashi Sharma, Supriya Karnik and Saidah Julus

Genre- Social

Rating- *1/2

Bad & Bland Narrative

Jyothi Venkatesh

After delivering top-notch performance in ‘Sonchiriya’, Ranvir Shorey has proved that he is no less than any other ruling hero in his next film titled, ‘On The Ramp, Never Ending Show’.The actor plays the main protagonist in the film where he portrays a top fashion designer who gives up a lucrative career abroad to return to India to showcase Indian ethnic creations on the global stage.

The film revolves around Saket Sharma (Ranvir Shorey) and Angelina (Saidah Jules) who are successful fashion designers in Milan. Tension starts brewing between the two when Saket shows interest in pursuing his dream of launching his own Indian wear collection called ‘The Aryan Odyssey’. Saket faces many challenges after the split but finds hope and support from Kriti (Urvashi Sharma), who assists him on this project and it is their ambition to make it to one of the most prestigious fashion weeks in Milan.

The film sets out to show how Shorey’s character Saket Sharma (Ranvir Shorey), a fashion designer in Milan, dreams of launching his Indian wear collection. Saket is ably supported by his lady love Kriti played by Urvashi Sharma and seven other sexy and sultry upcoming Indian fashion models and how he achieves his goals. While Ranvir  Shorey is superb in his role, Urvashi Sharma looks stunning. Supriya Karnik has hardly any role to prove her worth and her track is rudderless. Saidah Julus tries to act but fails miserably

The film On The Ramp Never Ending Show’ sets out to touch upon the subject of glamour, pathos and personalities which has been done to death in several films including Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion earlier and sadly lacks power-packed performances to hold the movie together and extract tears from the eyes of the viewers.

To sum up, all that I can say is that director Imran Khalid has failed to convert a good story in hand into a compelling watch because he is handicapped with a bad and bland narrative, which is also bland and riddled with mundane and mediocre dialogues, which set out to kill the story.

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