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Movie Review: Phir Ussi Mod Par Talaq

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Producer- Trinetra Bajpai

Director- Late Lekh Tandon

Star Cast- Kanwaljeet Singh, Parmeet Sethi, Jividha, Vineeta Malik, Govind Namdev, Rajeev Verma

Genre- Social

Rating- ****

Poignant Melodrama!

Jyothi Venkatesh

A pregnant Naaz (Jividha) who is given triple talaq by her advocate- husband Shahid (Parmeet Sethi) can’t take the shock and tries to kill herself. She is saved by the golden hearted milk but terminally ill shop owner Rasheed (Kanwaljit Singh) who decides to marry her and give her a new lease of life. However, when later in life her own daughter comes across a triple talaq situation, she chooses to side with her and fight against her errant son rather than let go.

The film which is based on the most hotly debated contemporary issue of recent times in India- the triple talaq which was recently put to rest by the Supreme Court judgment requesting Parliament to pass a law abolishing the practice in all forms, consists of several flashbacks which tend to confuse the viewers though it boasts of a story of a woman of substance.

The USP of the film are the songs written deftly by Naqsh Lyallpuri, Ahmed Wasi and Irshaad Kamil and composed by the producer Trinetra Bajpai himself. By the way, Trinetra is the Industrialist nephew of former Prime Minister A.B Vajpayee,

While Jividha shows promise as an actor and essays her complex role with ease, Kanwaljeet Singh lends his role authenticity with his flawless performance. Parmeet Sethi has been saddled with the typical negative husband and is passable.  The film falls into the category of Muslim socials that went out of fashion in the late 80’s.

To sum up, Phir Ussi Mod Parr Talaq which has come from the stable of a film maker like Lekh Tandon who had once given us films like Professor, Prince, Amrapali etc is a poignant melodrama which warms the cockles of your heart though it looks too tacky and outdated for our comfort

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