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Movie Review: Raghu Cng (Gujarati)

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Producer-Director- Vishal Vada Vala
Star Cast- Ethan Wade, Chetan Daiya, Sharvary Joshi ,Jagjeet Singh Vadher , Kapil Sahetya and Siddharth Gosai.
Genre- Thriller

Rating- ***

Taut Thriller!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The film revolves around a psychopath Raghu , (Ethan Wade) who single handedly kidnaps a young man Dhaval and a young lady Bhumi (Sharvari Joshi) in his auto rickshaw and carts them to a place where no one can hear their screams and shouts and tortures both as he wants to teach them a lesson. It is a thrilling crime and suspense drama, which does not come often in Gujarati. The cops are on their track aided by their family members and put all the effort to find them out.

In the meanwhile, Bhumi and Dhaval (Jagjeet Singh Vadher) are drawn towards one another softly, quickly and more naturally and the multilayered drama is unfolded by Police officer Ashok (Chetan Daiya) which helps solve the puzzle and we come to know the story behind their kidnaps in the climax of the movie.

The best thing about the film is the perfect casting. Whether it is Sharvari Joshi or for that matter Jagjeet Singh Vadher or for that matter Ethan Wade, it is difficult to say who has done a better job as an actor but Ethan walks away with his nuances in his character and makes you feel for his misdeeds. Chetan Daiya as the cop is passable. The background score is also good and the film makes you sit on the edge of your seat and wonder what it is going to unfold the next minute.

Kudos to director Vishal Vada Vala for coming up with a taut and pacy film in which there is not a single dull moment. It is not only a thriller in execution but also entertaining in parts, besides being emotional to the core as it is also about the bond between two brothers.

To sum up, at a time Gujarati films try to come up with only mushy romantic stories or loud action or silly comedy films, Raghu CNG is a refreshing departure from the routine kind of films and in order to reach a wider section fo the audiences, the film should be dubbed in Hindi and released all over the country instead of being confined only to Gujarat.

To sum up, devoid of cliches, it is a film which has to be seen to be believed

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