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Movie Review: Risknamaa

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Producer-Kirti Gurjar and Priyanka Gurjar

 Director- Gurjar Aarun Nagar

Star Cast- Sachin Gurjar, Garima Agarwal, Pramod Moutho, Shaahbaz Khan, Anupama Prakash, Parveen Bansala

Genre- Social

Rating- *


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sher Singh Gurjar is an authoritarian sarpanch of his village who staunchly believes that falling in love is a crime which deserves severe punishment, including death. . But one day the Sarpanch falls in love with the girl who happens to be the wife of his own younger brother. Things change rapidly when he himself gets entangled in the web of romance and realizes that he has no other alternative but forced to taste his own medicine. In this way, Sher Singh Gurjar has killed so many boys and girls, who love each other

Right from the first frame when the film starts with a fight sequence inside a godown supposedly the den of vice, the film is tacky to the core and does not have even one redeeming feature. If Sachin Gurjar is too loud as an actor, that too in a double role, Anupama Prakash is a good find. A seasoned actor or like Pramod Moutho has been wasted in an inane while Shahbaz Khan has hardly any role in the film.

The worst thing that can be said about this film is that it sets out to objectify women and treats them in a very cavalier manner at a time when there is talk of women empowerment and the girl child. In the guise of entertainment, the director has set out to incorporate as many ingredients as possible to woo, sorry seduce the audiences to the point fop no return.

Though music is catchy and comes as a whiff of fragrance, let me warn you that  if you think that then film is regressive and not at all redeemable, it end s with a earning that very shortly it is going to return with a sequel to test your patience all over once again. To put it in a nutshell, the film is regressive, puerile and worth avoiding at any cost!

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