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Movie Review: Saaho

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Producers-V Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Uppalapatti and Bhushan Kumar

Director- Sujeeth

Star Cast- Prabhaas, Shraddha Kapoor, Chunky Pandey, Mahesh Manjrekar, Tinnu Anand, Evelyn Sharma, Arun Vijay, Jackie Shroff , Mandira Bedi , Murali Sharma, Jacqueline Fernandez and  Neil Nitin Mukesh

Genre- Thriller

Rating- 1 ½ (One and a half)

Khoda Pahaad Nikla Chooha!


Spectacular Action Minus content!

Jyothi  Venkatesh

If you go to watch Saaho thinking that it is going to be ‘paisa vasool’ because it stars the nation’s darling Prabhaas who stole each and every hear when he breezed in on the national scene with Baahubali, you are sadly mistaken, because this one is much ado about nothing and sadly falls flat on its face, in spite of having a mighty budget and formidable stars. Instead of concentrating on an edible and plausible story, the makers have concentrated all their attention on adrenalin rising gory climaxes, as a result of which you are bored to death for almost 176 minutes and you feel that the action director has sent away the editor on a vacation.

Like Kalank, Student of The Year, Thugs of Hindostan etc, this one also in a colossal waste of energy and is a spectacular vehicle minus emotion because there is absolutely no content at all. The film revolves around a huge empire, like that of Godfather, several crores at stake and far too many villains, who can be trusted. A guy is needed to restore the balance of power and defeat the bad guys, but you are literally tired of the goings on the screen by the time the film grinds to a screeching halt.

The main culprit is the story which is unwinding and does not have any solid substance. The lesser said about the insipid screenplay the better. As far as performances go, it is sad but true that Prabhaas who showed a lot of promise in Baahubali fails to deliver a good performance. To add insult to injury, his dialogue delivery is very faulty and funnily he speaks Hindi with a Telugu accent and on top of it, he traipses into Punjabi song and dances with the heroine.

Shraddha Kapoor’s character of the cop Amrita Nair is ill etched and as a result, Shraddha fails to impress, though Chunky Pandey impresses as the hard core villain and steals the show with his menacing presence. Mandira Bedi is just about okay while Arun Vijay is good. Mahesh Manjrekar is not able to leave any impact while Jackie Shroff has been wasted in an inane role. The rest of the actors come off as mere caricatures, and fail to register an impact. The songs are untimely placed in the narrative, only adding to an already long runtime.

Thanks to the action choreography by internationally acclaimed stunt directors like Peng Zhang and Kenny Bates, the film maintains its tempo. The film’s second half picks pace, and is also to a great extent marred by a weak narrative that requires constant suspension of disbelief. Music by Ghibran, like the film itself, lacks soul. Also, the special effects and CGI tend to lack the finesse that a film mounted on such a grand scale deserved. Director Sujeet tries to pack in more punch than what is required and goes haywire while tackling the unwieldy film. To put it in a nut shell, Saaho disappoints and proves that today the star power is not as important as the content is.

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