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Movie Review: Satellite Shankar


Producers- Bhushan Kumar, Ashwin Varde, Murad  Khetani

Director- Irfan Kamal

Star Cast- Suraj Pancholi, Megha Akash , Upendra Limaye and Palomi Ghosh

Genre- Social

Rating- ***

Simple but effective Plot

Jyothi Venkatesh

Shankar (Sooraj Pancholi) who is called ‘Satellite Shankar’ because he has a device which seems to transport people to their near and dear ones when they are missing them is a patriotic soldier in the Indian Army. Shankar gets a week off from his duty, owing to an injury he incurs during crossfire on the border. Instead of spending this time resting at the hospital, he decides to visit his mother (played by Suhaila Kapoor) across the country, to help go through her long pending eye operation. But with the many occurrences on his way, will Shankar be able to reach her on time and report back to duty as promised, is what the crux of the story all about.

In almost the entire film, Shankar keeps ion running .Shankar not only keeps missing his train because of his helpful and selfless nature, but also helps out an old Bengali couple who are on the wrong train. Shankar joins a cute video blogger (Palomi Ghosh) on a taxi ride as a companion and helps her bust a taxi mafia. He also saves people from a bus that is electrocuted and stranded on a railway track. He fights off goons and reforms a hard core corrupt Police Inspector (Upendra Limaye). He even helps his fellow soldier’s grandma wake up from her coma like state. In short , every activity of Shankar reminds you what Rajesh Khanna did in Bawarchi- that is bring cheer in every one’s life in his own unique way and solving their day to day problems effortlessly.

Suraj Pancholi scores in his role and is better as an actor than what he did in his debut film Hero four years ago. Megha Akash is cute though she hardly has any role that she can get her teeth into. The chemistry between Suraj and Megha is good. Upendra Limaye is wasted in an inane role as the cop while Palomi Ghosh as the blogger is passable. Vishal Vijay Kumar has penned a beautiful emotional story with which he is able to connect the soldier with the entire country. Kudos to Irfan Kamal that he has tackled a very simple plot with a linear story and in spite of being the son of a choreographer, he has not focused on dance sequences in his film.

On the whole, the film though palatable may not get footfalls because not only has the publicity been minimal but also it does not have well known faces to attract the cine goers, but word of mouth reviews may held the film in a big way

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