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Movie Review: Sur Sapata (Marathi)

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Producer-Jayant Lade

Director- Mangesh Kanthale

Star Cast- Govind Namdev, Anand Ingle, Upendra Limaye, Sanjay Jadhav, Siddharth Zadbuke,Hansraj Jagtap,Yash Kulkarni,Chinmay Sant, Chinmay Patwardhan,Rupesh Bane,Jeevan Kalarkar,Suyash Shirke, Ninad Tambade and Pravin Tarde



Lulls you to sleep!

Jyothi Venkatesh

From playing marbles to kabaddi, we see relatively unappreciated sports getting picked up for filing ion Marathi films of late. Sur Sapata revolves around the story of seven kids who are passionate about the ports of kabaddi though. After inane films like Re Raya (2018), Gotya (2018) and Me Pan Sachin (2019), Sur Sapata is yet another routine sports movie about a group of underdogs. It is a motivational journey of boys from rural area to metro cities for playing their beloved sport.

The film revolves around seven mischievous school kids (Hansraj Jagtap, Chinmay Girish Sant, Yash Kulkarni, Chinmay Patwardhan and others) who make life hell for their teachers (Anand Ingle and others) and the school principal (Govind Namdev) until they are given the responsibility of representing their school in the state kabaddi championship. It is not mentioned why on earth is it a tournament in which the school had not participated at all for the 25 years.

It is lamentable that in spite of having a superb star cast which h includes Upendra Limaye, Govind Namdev and Sanjay Jadhav, the director has etched merely cardboard characters out of all of them including Sanjay Jadhav, a top filmmaker himself, who is very impressive at the start with his mannerism of chewing gum all the time, but later goes into a typical one-dimensional mode. Govind Namdev plays a ham of a headmaster of a school who tends to overact his part. Upendra Limaye has nothing to offer by way of novelty to his character of a drunken loser who returns to the game as a coach constantly reminding the viewer of Naseeruddin Shah’s character in Nagesh Kukunoor’s Iqbal (2005).

To sum up, it is a film which I suggest that you skip because it lulls you to sleep halfway through with nothing earth shattering at all happening in it.

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