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Movie Review: Tarpan


Producer- Mimesis Media

Director: Neelam R Singh

Star Cast- Nand Kishor Pant, Sanjay Sonu, Neelam, Abhishek Madarecha and Poonam Aliok Ingle

Genre- Social

Rating- **1/2

Hard –hitting saga on caste politics

Jyothi Venkatesh

It is an adaptation of Shivmurti’s Tarpan by filmmaker Neelam R Singh and revolves around the story of Rajpatiya (Neelam) a young lower caste girl who accidently enters a sugarcane field owned by the family of upper caste Chandar (Abhishek Madarecha). Rajpatiya enters on the pretext of tasting some sugarcane but Chandar spots her and decides to teach her and her community a lesson. He forces himself upon her and attempts to molest her.

However, Rajpatiya is rescued by people working in the neighboring fields. The incident takes a political turn thanks to selfish motives of a locale Dalit leader Bhaiji (Sanjay Sonu). Bhaiji manipulates Rajpatiya’s father Pyare (Nand Kishore Pant) and mother (Poonam Alok Ingle) to use this incident and frame the upper caste Chandar on charges of rape as a revenge for the alleged atrocities done by the upper caste on their community. Local politicians also set out to poison the mind of Rajpatiya’s brother and instigate him to take revenge.

Neelam as Rajputiya lives her role effortlessly as the hapless vistim while Abhishek Madarecha is passable as the molester who is sent to jail and refuised bail for his offence. Nandkishore Pant and Sanjay Sood as Bhaiji are excellent in their respective roles.  The film enlightens the social evils between the upper caste and the lower caste. It also raises the question for the human values among the audience giving a subtle message to unite and fight social evils. Screenplay is gritty and raw and dialogues by Dharmendra V Singh are incisive.

Tarpan is dedicated to the strengths and abilities of a woman. The film escalates the strengths and struggles of a woman, emphasizes their fight against violence and discrimination, and raises a strong voice in favor of woman-empowerment.

To sum up, the film has a bleak chance at the box office thanks to the clash with Hollywood’s Avengers Endgame, though otherwise it has a clear field as far as Hindi films are concerned, with no other release.

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