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Movie Review: Vegali Vaat (Marathi)


Producers- Jayshree Shah and Tushar Shah

Director- Achyut Narayan

Star Cast- Sharad Jadhav, Anaya Pathak Neeta Dhonde,Yogesh Soman and Geetanjali Kulkarnni

Genre- Social

Rating- ***

Heart Rending Tear Jerker!

Jyothi Venkatesh

Vegali Vaat is on a farmer’s plight, but with a difference as it does not use the grave issue like a cash cow, as is the trend nowadays. Ramu (Sharad Jadhav) is a farmer who has borrowed money from a local loan shark to pay off his bank loan. His daughter Sonu (Anaya Phatak) is a bright student and everybody is fond of her, especially a childless couple who are teachers. One day, when Ramu is faced with a do or die ultimatum to pay off his loan within two days, the couple offers to pay off his debt, but on one condition, they will adopt Sonu and take her to a city with them.

Besides throwing light on plight of farmers from Vidarbha region, the film also focuses on the delicate and sensitive father-daughter relationship. Sharad Jadhav tugs at your heart strings with his refined performance even as he resembles Nagraj Manjule in some scenes while Anaya Pathak steals the show with her natural effortless performance. Able support also comes from Geetanjali Kulakrni as the teacher as well as Neeta Dhonde who plays Seema, the mother of Sonu

Achyut Narayan deserves kudos for coming up with a sensitive a heart rending plot which immediately tugs at your heart strings with his delicate subject of the father –daughter relationship. Or a film that has a one line story which has been stretched to almost two hours, to the credit of the director, he has not tried to make it a melodrama but nevertheless a hard hitting but heartwarming tear jerker, with a happy but also sad ending when the parents decide to let their daughter grow as a foster daughter to the rich teachers in the city and pursue higher education rather than struggle with poverty in their ancestral home.

To sum up, Vegli Vaat is a genuinely made film with the eye at emotion instead of the box office with its timely take which is also a tribute to women empowerment but since there is hardly any known face, the film may find the sailing tough especially in the single screens where you need a star to draw in the crowds but is worth a onetime watch as it is sure to warm the cockles of your heart.

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