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Movie Review: Vijeta (Marathi)


Producer- Rahul Puri

Director-Amol Shetge

Star Cast-Subodh Bhave,Sushant Shelar, Pooja Sawant, Pritam Kagna,, Mdhav Deochakke,Devendra Chaughule,, Dipti Dhotre, Suhas Palshikar

Genre- Social

Rating- ***1/2


Jyothi Venkatesh

When you watch Subhash Ghai’s latest presentation Vijeta which revolves around a national tournament involving various sports like boxing, the marathon, long jump, javelin throw, cycling, wrestling, swimming and weightlifting, you are instantly reminded of yet another sports film released over a decade ago- Chak de India, in which Shah Rukh Khan played the ubiquitous coach of the team as well as Yellow, in which Upendra Limaye played with aplomb the role of the swimming coach. Vijeta is a fourth Marathi film under the banner of ‘Mukta Arts’ by Subhash Ghai. ‘Sanai Choughade’, ‘Valu – The Wild Bull’ and ‘Samhita’ were the first three

When Maharashtra performs poorly at the National Games in Kerala, Soumitra, a mind coach, is appointed for the job. He uses incidents from the different athletes` pasts to inspire them and make them winners in the battlefields of their minds. For it is here that most battles are first won. At the same time, Soumitra must prevent the demons of his own past from destroying him. In Vijeta, Subodh Bhave plays the disciplined coach Saumitra Deshmukh who takes up the undaunted task of preparing athletes in each discipline. In the role of the players we see the likes of Pooja Sawant , Dipti Dhotre, Madhav Deochakke and Pritam Kagne.

Subodh Bhavwe excels himself as the mind coach by getting into the skin of his character like a glove. Pooja Sawant scores well in her role as Nalini Jagtap, the triathlon athlete who is great at cycling while Pritam Kagne who plays Sunanada lives her role as the marathon runner. Mention must also be made of actors like Sushant Shelar who plays the head coach who is not in favor of a mind coach dominating him, Devendra  Chaughule who plays Devendra Jadhavkar who needs his talent in akhada as a wrestler to be honed. Tanvi Parab has her own moments as Sonia Karnik.

Dipti Dhotre is good but she has not been utilized properly because there are far too many characters in the film. In a brief role, Suhash Palshikar proves that when it comes to good acting, he is second to none.  Ashish Mhatre and Apurva Motiwale Sahai elevate the film from becoming yet another documentary on sports, thanks to Amil Shetge who has not only written the screenplay but also directed the film deftly. While Uday Singh Mohite has cranked the camera with imagination, Rohan- Rohan have composed soothing music in keeping with the theme

To sum up, Vijeta is a film which will warm the cockles of your heart and is an exemplary heartwarming entertainer too.

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