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Movie Review: Vikun Tak (Marathi)


Producer: Uttung Hitendra Thakur

 Director:  Sameer Patil

Star Cast- Chunky Pandey, Shivraj Waichal, Radha Sagar, Samir Chowghule, Hrishikesh Joshi, Rohit Mane, Rujuta  Deshmukh and Varsha Dandale

Genre- Satire


Inane & Sloppy!

Jyothi Venkatesh

The satire is all about Mukund Thorambe, alias Mukhya (Shivraj Waichal)who after working as a mechanic in Dubai, returns to India for his wedding. However, the bride backs out when the family gets to know that his property is going to be seized by the bank and his girl friend Dhani (Radha Sagar) comes back in his life when she learns that his bride has refused to marry him. His friend, a scrap dealer, tries to help him and introduces him to an app that turns Mukund’s life upside down topsy turvy. Things take a bizarre turn and get out of hand when he receives a credit of 50 lakhs from Abdul Latif (Chunky Panday), who desperately needs his kidney!

It is difficult to believe that director Sameer Patil who gave us message cum entertainment oriented films like Poshter Boyz, Shentimental and Poshter Girl, has come up with his illogical cock and bull which tests the patience of the audience half way through and sets out with the sole intention for catering to the lowliest common denominator. What puts you off is the toilet humor the director introduces in his film with the entry of Chunky Pandey who plays an Arab from Bahrain (conveniently the producer does not shell out bucks to shoot the film out of India and restricts it within India to curb on expenditure) who does not think twice before doling out that too in advance a hefty sum of Rs 50 lakhs for a kidney of the protagonist

Shivraj Waichal who plays the protagonist shows promise. He and Hrishikesh Joshi as the corrupt cop Dongre, are perhaps the only saviors of this film which is otherwise a big drag in the guise of comedy. Chunky Pandey fails to emote and only sets out to ham, but that is perhaps his role has not been well defined, but he does manage to create laughs with his toilet humor. Rohit Mane as the inventor of the App and dear friend of the protagonist does a swell job in his debut film. Jaywant Wadkar as the sarpanch has hardly any role worth his salt.

Interestingly, Sameer Patil who has earned a reputation in Marathi cinema for his choice of complex subjects,( like Poshter Boyz (2014), in which he dealt with vasectomy and Poshter Girl (2016) which dealt with the taboo subject of with female foeticide, where he had succeeded in smartly injecting a comedic streak in spite of the fact that he had dealt with serious subjects) fails to tug at your heart strings  with this film, which deals with an inane content. Inconsistent, convoluted and sloppy half baked writing by Charudatta Bhagwat, Siddheshwar Ekambe and Sameer Patil, fails to touch your hearts easily.

On the whole, this film is a big let down!

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