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Movie Review: Zindagi Tumse


Producer-Sona Manwani

Director- Tariq Bhat

Star Cast- Sadhna Singh, Simran Ahuja, Rajesh Puri, Guddi Maruri,  Marina Kunwar, Mayur Verma, Natasha, Jitu Vizrani, Pushpendra Tiwari and Master Rehan

Genre- Social

Rating- **1/2

Tear Jerker melodrama!

Jyothi Venkatesh

This one is a tear jerker melodramatic musical movie helmed by Tariq Bhat, which sets out to showcase the poignant story of a mother who courageously fights with circumstances for her children after her husband passes away. But her children throw her in an old age home to fend for herself thus making her life miserable. The film deals with story of every second home in metropolitan city This film sets out to drive home the poignant message that today in society the wards do not at all care for their parents and also shows that they are not given all the due respect, and ill-treated at their old age.

The film has a relatable but clichéd story but reminds you of several earlier films like Baghbaan for instance though it boasts fo excellent performances from almost each and every member of the star cast. While Sadhna Singh lends a dimension of authenticity to her author backed performance as the widow who is ill treated by her own children, it is Rajesh Puri who steals the show by appearing like a whiff of fragrance as a cancer victim a la Rajesh Khanna in Anand and offering to marry the widow for the sake of companionship as he has lost his wife and his daughter has had a love marriage and deserted him.

Guddi Maruti springs a pleasant surprise as the tough police officer though she does not have a role at all while Raj Singh is just restricted to the photo frame on the wall as Sadhna’s husband while Simran Ahuja makes a promising debut though she does not have any scope to perform.

To sum up, the film which is slated for release on Friday 25th as it was postponed by a week since as many as ten films fought with each other for release at the turnstiles last Friday is a tear jerked stereotyped in melodrama, which may find favor with all the single screen audiences in the interiors though it is doubtful whether it will attract the urban multiplex audiences.

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