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Producer: Meena Chandrakant Desai and Naina Desai

Director: Pramod Pawar

Star Cast: Makrand Deshpande, Kranti Redkar,Aditi Pohankar, Vijay Kadam, Manoj Joshi, Yatin Karyekar and Mukesh Rishi

Genre: Social

Rating: **1/2

Topical and Bold

Jyothi Venkatesh

The story by Prashant Khedekar revolves around all those people who come to the city of Mumbai with a lot of dreams, aims and goals and desires to pursue their dreams relentless by hook or crook only to be let down by destiny or their fate. It is about how the aam aadmi finds himself at the crossroads in life overnight when the daily changing rules of the government sector impacts badly his middle class family.

The film makes you feel for the well etched characters. As far as performances go, Makrand Deshpande looks like he has been miscast in a struggling middle class husband;s role while Kranti Redkar steal the show with her sterling performance. Mukesh Rishi impresses as the builder who is a white collared crook out to fleece the inmates of a chawl. Vijay Kadam delivers an impeccable performance while Aditi Pohankar who was last seen in Lai Bhaari scores with her subtle performance as the middle class girl who decides to eke out a living at a bar as a dancer to supplement her family income. While Manoj Joshi plays a different kind ofcharacter with effortless ease, Kranti Redkar is good as usual.

Not only is the screenplay repetitive at times, but the film with its middle class backdrop also reminds you of a similar story line which we had earlier seen in Mahesh Manjrekar’s Parel Lalbaug which also dwelt at length about a poor middle class young girl residing in a chawl and revolves around her quest for love and fortune.It is a film which will not only shock you instantly with its bold theme about the dreams of the middle class but also make you pause and think a lot and ponder introspectively.

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