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Mrunal Jain And His Love For Number 9! 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Mrunal Jain is extremely excited about his birthday this year. The actor, who will turned a year older on the 9th of January, says that the number 9 has always been lucky for him. “Luckily, a lot of people think that 9 is a very lucky number, a lot of people prefer to buy things starting with number 9, be it houses, cars and other things. Luckily my birth date is also 9. So I think I am born lucky that way!” he says. Mrunal Jain would be seen in film Sooryavanshi this year. He says, “I want to balance between TV and films. TV has given me name and fame. Bollywood is giving me different kind of kick as an actor. To see yourself on the big screen is very motivating. My role in Sab Kushal Mangal has been appreciated a lot. I am happy with the way my show is shaping up”

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