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Mrunal Jain Says His Friends Used To Call Him ‘Hanger’

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Being a skinny boy was quite tormenting for actor Mrunal Jain, who remembers how he would be teased by his friends. However, the actor says that once he was fit, his confidence level soared. “Confidence doesn’t come overnight. To be honest, I was a skinny guy weighing 47 kgs and used to be called hanger by my friends. I got confident after I made a good physique and was fit. I used to feel low when in childhood and teenage I used to be mocked at being skinny in school.  The times have changed every second person is fitness conscious now irrespective of whether he or she is in glamour field or not.  In 2002 I took a stand after being bullied for  It took me seven years to build the body. No one knows the back story people only see my current body and even talk behind my back that I took steroids but I don’t care. I have worked hard to become the person I am today”.

When you are fit, you altogether have a different feeling and are always charged up. You have a completely different perspective on the way people look at you. Looks and physique draw attention and make you feel important irrespective of the nature of your profession. Confidence surely boosts up when you feel good about yourself. Always remember that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing. Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment,” he says.

He now has a six pack and is a die hard fitness enthusiast. Talking about how he got there, he says, “I believe in one thing when you want something desperately you work for it and make sure you get it. The same way, when you have determination and your focus is strong towards your goal, time and patience will get you there. It took me 10 years to be where I am but I believe my discipline and my patience towards my fitness paid off. I never imagined that I will be ever giving fitness tips to my friends. What’s more? He achieved all this on a vegetarian diet, if you please! “Ten years back people had a myth that vegetarian food cannot help you make a good body.  But there are a lot of vegetarian products which have a lot of nutrients. Food such as  soya bean, chana, rajma, tofu, soya milk, sprouts are great. Being a vegetarian is a way of life for me and I am not missing out on anything if I am a vegetarian.  Food is for us we are not for food,” he says.

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