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Muharat Of Short Fiction Neha, Directed By Priyanka Raina A Psychological Thriller After Zindagi  Inveiled


Jyothi Venkatesh

Priyanka Raina who is known for making contented short films such as Zindagi and Love Lust Locha ,which have Hit 45 millions on Social Digital Platforms , has now kick started her next short film, a psychological thriller. This time it’s even more logical. The word “Depression” is very common today , and I think everyone somewhere in their lives is dealing with it. Its simpler way to come out of it or just “Speak out” which dealing is not easy at all. To show this we have set out to present a thrilling love story on Journey of a Girl called “Neha”, says director Priyanka Raina.

The story is totally fictional to give a pertinent message that Dr. Urmi Chhapia – Specialist in Psychology and CEO of The Mending Minds says. “No other science has the ability to flex itself to diversity as much as psychology does, as it is working with a different mind and heart each time. As a counseling psychologist and marriage and family therapist, I see a lot of different cases every day. Psychology and its practice cover every kind of issue or disorder. I have seen cases of depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional and behavioral concerns, work life balance concerns, couples and family issues and many more. It is a step toward being healthier and loving yourself.”To know more on, you have wait to see “Neha – the psychological thriller”, directed by Priyanka Raina. The movie features Shivam Kapoor and Nandini Shrivastava in lead roles and has been produced by THE MENDING MINDS. Cinematographer Javed Shaikh adds value to the cult classic. The digital poster of Neha goes on air on 20th March 2020