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Mukul Chadda Bonds With Gauhar Khan And Gopal Datt!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Research analyst turned actor Mukul Chadda who is now all set to step into the shoes of Hollywood actor Steve Carell for the Indian remake of “The Office”, shares anecdotes on bonding with co-actors on the sets of the web show. Shares Mukul, “We all were anyway one Big Fat Family on the sets, there was a huge table for lunch where we had meals together for 90 odd days. We all ate from each other’s tiffin boxes, and planned what each person would bring the next day.”He recalls getting competitive with Gopal on video games like minesweeper while shooting. “I have known Gopal for the long time,” said Mukul, “and we would rib each other on set and also during scenes”, which lent itself well to the chemistry between the characters they play. Outside the office environment, Mukul said there were many uncomfortable days because of  shooting during peak summer, and narrates how Gauahar, with whom he shot many outdoor sequences, used to carry a portable mini-fan, and would lend it to him very often. “Gauahar was so easy to get along with, very generous in scenes, and also with her portable fan,” he laughs.Mukul will next be seen in an independent film with the working title ‘Fairy Folk’ – a story about a couple living in Mumbai whose life is overturned by a series of unusual events.

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