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Mumbai Monsoons Can Be Traumatic Too, Says Kunal Thakur!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

The rains are here but Mumbai monsoons can be a nightmare too! Talking about an incident which really scared him, Kunal Thakur who would be seen in the film Kabir Singh says, “Mumbai monsoons can surely be a nightmare. Two years back I had a bad experience. My shoot ended in the evening and it had started pouring heavily in the afternoon and I thought till evening it would slow down but it continued. I was really very far from my home and was tensed about just staying back there. The situation was really bad as there as a curfew and the cars were drowning. Slowly things got sorted but it was very late at night and I went home around 2pm. Also, it was very hard to get an auto but I did get one and thanks to that auto champ, who helped me out as a lot of guys didn’t want to go.”

Ask him if he takes any precautions while travelling in the rainy season, and he says, “Of course, I take precautions while I get out in the monsoons. I take my umbrella because raincoats aren’t my thing, I carry my protein snacks with me and I carry my phone in a plastic pouch and make sure that I have a waterproof bag. I live in Madh Island in Raheja Exotica so I have to look at the weather report before heading out. I need to find out if the jetties are working or not. If I have a meeting then I make sure I leave well in advance. I make sure that I plan my trip before and check the weather report to make sure that I reach on time.”

Talking about what he loves to do in the rains, he says, “The weather cools down as you have continuous breeze and showers, and it is a light atmosphere. Chai and Pakoda party begins in everyone’s home as everybody comes out in their balcony and sits along and chat. I am very close to the neighbours of my society and they are like my friends. There are many artists in my society so sometimes we all sit together and sing songs, chat and enjoy. There is a lot of creativity in the air and it’s fun and this is what I look forward to doing in monsoons. I will call my friends, sit down with them and think about something creative, they will start playing their guitars and make me listen to their tunes which they have created. A lot of my friends are dubbing artists for different cartoon characters. It’s really interesting to see the kind of people that I have around me and I would love to spend my time with them in monsoons.I think where I live is the monsoon getaway”.

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