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Mumbai’s Dabbawalas Deliver Food And Love In The Bigg Boss House 


Family is the reason why we stand strong in the difficulties of life. The housemates have been staying away and missing their loved ones.

On the occasion of Christmas, the winning team in the chinese stall task gets a special gift from a special kind of Santa Claus. Mumbai’s famous Dabbawalas who are known for spreading happiness for years now for delivering homemade food pay a visit to the house.

Two Dabbawalas enter the Bigg Boss and deliver a box full of food sent by the contestant’s members. Sidharth, Paras, Aarti, Mahira, Shefali Jariwala and Shehnaz have big smiles on their faces on seeing the tiffins and get emotional. Paras instantly calls them their Santa Claus for delivering tiffins as the Christmas gift.

The winning team shares their tiffin with all other housemates, keeping aside all the fights and differences. The entire house comes together to celebrate the moment and feed each other some yummy delicacies.

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