Mum’s the word for Atharva in Wagle Ki Duniya

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Mum’s the word for Atharva in Wagle Ki Duniya

Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya continues to show us how to cherish the little joys in life while also teaching us some valuable lessons on the go.

The upcoming episode is one such glimpse of the daily chatter that takes place in the Wagle house, but this time, things go a little out of hand, resulting in Atharva not speaking to anyone - Jyothi Venkatesh


In the upcoming episodes, Atharva (Shaheen Kaphi) and Vidyut (Hitanshu Nagai) as their usual curious selves happen to ask a lot of questions to everyone in the family.

As soon as any of their questions were answered, Atharva would gear up with another one.

Irked by the constant chatter, Vandana out of frustration scolds Atharva for asking so many useless questions saying either he shuts up or she will forever.

Atharva takes this scolding by heart and decides that he will not talk to anyone in the future. It leads to him being in a silent frame of mind which surprises the Wagle family.

Will Vandana realize that it was her scolding that made Atharva go speechless? Will the Wagle family be able to convince Atharva to end his mute mood?


Pariva Pranati who essays the role of Vandana said “As parents, we have so many responsibilities and things to do that sometimes we forget the ones we are talking to is our kids or parents and sometimes say things which can hurt their feelings.

I think it is important for parents also to be careful what they say. This episode also gives us a glimpse of such a situation.

Our audience will certainly enjoy this upcoming episode a lot as they will witness how the Wagle family puts their heart and soul to convince Atharva to end his mute mood.”


Shaheen Kaphi who plays the role of Atharva said “As a kid, I believe that sometimes we do get hurt by what our parents say to us.

But it only lasts for some time. Something very similar is being shown in the upcoming episodes.

I had a lot of fun shooting for the sequence because being in a speechless mode and acting is tough but so much fun as well.”

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