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Last week one of the best happenings was the visit of one of the most popular and successful actresses of the 60s and 70s , Mumtaz to Mumbai and Mumbai once again proved how it was a magnet of a city that never stopped attracting anyone rich or poor, star or celebrity once they had known the magic of the city – ALI PETER JOHN

Mumtaz had started her career as a junior artist in V Shantaram’s Sehra in which she had just to fan the queen in the film which was a fantasy film and the coincidence was that Jeetendra was also a junior artist in the film who got a monthly salary of Rs 150.

Jeetendra became a star with Geeta gaaya pathron ne also made by Shantaram and Mumtaz became the leading lady of several B grade and C grade films and was the heroine of Dara Singh, the wrestler and his brother Randhawa.

Mumtaz was such a major attraction that she was the leading lady of actors like the Khan brothers, Sanjay , Feroz and Sameer and then the heroine of heroes like Dharmendra , Jeetendra , Rajesh khanna and topped it all when she was cast with legends like Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand.

It was when she was at the peak of her career that she fell in love with a millionaire from Uganda called Mayur Madhwani and married and gave up her flourishing career as an actress and settled down in the land of Idi Amin, the king of Uganda who had human being for breakfast, lunch and dinner .

Mumtaz truly gave up acting for several years, but it was in the early nineties that Pehlaaj Nehlani and David Dhawan managed to bring her back in a role of the mother of Prasenjeet , the son of the actor Biswajeet, the film flopped miserably and Mumtaz vowed not to work in hindi films again.

It was only last year that there were strong rumors of her sudden death in London of a massive heart attack and it took her and her daughter quite sometime to deny rumours and Mumtaz had to make public appearances to prove that she was very much alive and active.

And now on September 28 Mumtaz who is 72 now was seen in Mumbai again and was seen visiting the house of Dharmendra in Juhu, the same Dharmendra with whom she had done several films as a leading lady in the past.

The visit of Mumtaz to her former hero’s house went viral and there were all kinds of rumours about Mumtaz making a come back in films even at this age.

Some media persons even said that there were chances of Dharmendra and Mumtaz being teamed up in Dharmendra’s own home production Apne 2 directed by Anil Sharma, a favourite of the Deol family.

Neither Dharmendra nor Mumtaz have accepted the rumours, but the rumours continued to make waves.

And Mumtaz has already gone on record to say that she may make her come back but not as the mother of any of the Khans and Kumars but in a significant role in which she stands in a class of her own.

Mumtaz is still in her favourite city of Mumbai and rumours about her separating from Mayur Madhwani are still going strong, she is meeting her old co stars and directors and many experts are saying that these visits couldn’t just be cordial visits and the stories about her returning with Dharmendra are only growing stronger. She looks young and Dharmendra looks younger. So can we expect sparks to fly in the near future and see the kind of casting coup that we have not seen in a long time.

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