Munawar Faruqui faces age and body shaming by fellow contestants Anurag Dobhal, Mannara Chopra, and Ankita Lokhande; alarmed fans trend “Stop Bodyshaming On Munawar

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Stop Bodyshaming BB17

Munawar Faruqui has been the most talked about contestant of Bigg Boss 17 right from his entry into the house. Munawar has been loved by the audience for his sensibility and handling issues smartly. He also shares a warm relationship with the housemates. Something that took place in the house has generated an angry response from the audience, as Munawar has been age-shamed and body-shamed by some of his fellow contestants.

Anurag Dobhal

In the live feed footage of the house, contestants Anurag Dobhal (UK07 Rider), Mannara Chopra, and Ankita Lokhande were seen discussing and making fun of Munawar’s age and appearance. At first Anurag said “one should not be so old” and Mannara agreed by saying “he became old too soon”. They were then seen discussing what Munawar’s age must be. Ankita added that the hair around his crown area is also not there. And the jokes continued.


Fans have expressed their anger over this incident as they feel such a discussion is age and body shaming. They also noted that this discussion was happening behind Munawar’s back. They are also advocating for this topic to be raised by host Salman Khan this weekend. They have been trending ‘Stop Bodyshaming On Munawar’ ever since the footage was aired on the live feed, and the tagline has still been trending.


We will have to wait and see if this issue is dealt with or not, but one thing for sure is that Munawar’s fans are there for him and will not hesitate to raise their voice against any injustice he faces in the house.

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