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Munisha Khatwani To Finds True Love!

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Celebrity tarot card reader-actor Munisha Khatwani is all set to marry next year. She met her Mr Right, Sameer Thakur, through an online dating app and two have been dating since some time now. “Right from the time I met him, it always felt right with Sameer. I just felt very comfortable and it just felt that this is the right thing for me. He is very humble, kind and very loving. I felt comfortable with him and we soon started talking about anything and everything. It just felt like he was made for me. Even though the universe made me wait for a while, I got the best in the end,” she says.She adds, “He is Sindhi, so we are of the same caste and our families kind of knew each other, so things moved faster. We felt an instant connection with each other and within 7 days, he told me that he loves me and things just moved super fast!”Munisha says that she always knew that although it might take long, the right man for her will come along very soon. “People used to tell me, ‘You’re getting older, and you’re now in your late 30s and all that. So where is the chance for you to find somebody nice or find somebody loving?’ They would tell me that I would have to compromise and settle either for a divorcee or a widower, or maybe someone with children. But I was always sure that I didn’t want to compromise. I was happy being by myself and I totally had faith in the universe and the Lord. I knew that the universe is going to take care of me. All I can say is that Sameer is my destiny and all I know that he was destined for me that is the reason why it did not work out with anyone else,” she says.

An entrepreneur by profession, Sameer has just relocated to India and is figuring out his business plans. “He has lived abroad for almost 18 years. He is just figuring out between couple of options such as trading, the jewellery business or opening a café now that he has moved to India from Cameroon. He has been involved in the trading business for last 18 years so he has a good experience in it. He has also had a jewellery business in Hong Kong and China,” she says.The two will soon get engaged formally. “As far as the engagement goes, it will take place in a few weeks,” he says.  Ask her how she feels about marriage, and she says, “My views on love and arranged marriage are the same. I feel in both the cases, as I am into astrology and tarot, things need to match. His family has accepted me with open arms. I think I am very lucky and blessed to have such a good family, one which really loves me and treats me not like a daughter in law to be but like a daughter. I think I am very blessed to have a family like that. The same thing is true for my family too. They also love him a lot. I think in both cases, we have been super lucky.”

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