Why Is Hindi Films Music At Its Lowest Nadir?

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There are many reasons why over the last several decades, Hindi films music has slipped to the bottom. Gone are those days when we used to remember a song we heard in Hindi films for at least the next three to four years. Like Main Awara Hoon, Dam Dam Diga Diga, Mere Sapno Ki Rani Kab Aaogi Tu or for that matter songs like Ichak Dana Ichak Dana or Ek Chaturnaar. But today, you just listen to the songs of a film when you set out to watch it and ninety out of one hundred, you will definitely not be able to recollect it and hum it after you walk out of the cinema house. - Jyoti Venkatesh

What is the main reason?

publive-imageSome music composers like say Vishal Bharadwaj feel that too many composers in one film makes him very uncomfortable. Says Vishal Bharadwaj, who had teamed up with director Gulzar in the film Maachis and churned out several chart busters. “What I find uncomfortable in music today is the fact that there are five to six composers in each and every film these days.  I believe a trend like that robs the film of its identity. Gaane toh har daur mein acche bante hain, bure bhi bante hain. Aaj bhi aache gaane bantein hai, bas yeh hai ki ratio of good songs to bad song are not proportional”

Somehow Originality is missing nowadays" Salim Merchant

hindi films musicOn the other hand, composer Salim Merchant is of the opinion that in Bollywood the current music scenario lacks originality Says Salim. “I also hate the new trend of remaking songs. Timeless melodies have gone missing in Bollywood today. As a music-buff, I need to listen to songs that have their own individual personality, meaning and certain timelessness about it. Most of the tracks composed back in 60s and 70s and even 80’s still continue to make its presence in this time and age, and that is because they have a timeless quality to them. Among the music composed today, very few have that quality. I also feel that it is not just melody that works always. Sometimes, a good song can have bad lyrics. So, it’s a mix of everything, which includes arrangement and lyrics.

Hariharan is in the favor of the promotion of Good music

hindi films musicHariharan says that good music should be promoted, if it has to penetrate the massesscattered all over the country.  Says Hariharan, “I believe music is good when it makes people happy. So, when a lot of people like today’s music, it is doing its work. Besides, with digital media a tremendous number of people are listening to music these days – in fact, all the time – while moving, while running and at work. Aaj bhi aache gaane bante hain, but the important thing is that better songs need promotions. Good songs should be promoted but not every filmmaker is keen on spending money to promote their film’s songs the way they are in promoting their films.

I for one personally feel that if today the Hindi films music and the songs in every film do not resonate with the listeners, it is because unlike in the past, film or films music are not the only respites for the entertainment starved audiences who are exposed to several other forms of entertainment like web series, TV shows, the Internet, etc etc. Also the music industry in our country is largely synonymous with Bollywood, which releases hundreds of films with original music, annually.

Music completely changed after risen of Rappers in most Songs

hindi films musicMusic is an integral part of the entertainment industry in India. However, the industry has undergone a massive change in the last five years. In the overhaul, the music scene as it stands now has no resemblance to the music churned out even ten years ago in 2010. Rap songs and remixes that are ruling today seem to be symbolic of the state of music — where the musicians are trying to find a mid-way between the new and old.

It is hence not at all a surprise that many of the old hits are being reshuffled in their new packs and re-presented as remixes or new pop albums. Aditi Budhathoki would be featured in a music video which is sung by Amaal Malik. The shoot took place in Dubai and the song is produced by a major music label. Aditi has a huge following in social media and she was last seen in the music video Hawa Banke. Aditi who is from Nepalese origin has slowly and steadily made a name for herself in the Hindi film industry and she is growing by the day. Amaal is a hot maker and is known for his choice of stars for his musicals and we can bet he has found the right one.

Aditi's version in her own words is...

hindi film musicWe spoke to her and here is what she has to say, "Tu Mera Nahi is about the emotional journey one undergoes after falling out of love. The theme of the song is what follows after a heartbreak and the expression of it in this song is very relatable. I'm so happy that listeners are super excited about Tu Mera Nahi As for the experience of featuring in the video, well, it was immersive and fun. Amaal is very passionate about the music he makes and the way he wants to offer it to his listeners. I am glad I was a part of it and I took away many happy memories of shooting for the song in Dubai.”

The chemistry between Aditi & Amaal looks amazing. And T Series has also come up with the remixed version of Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi with Divya Khosla Kumar and TV star Shivin Narang. When films starring Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan etc are not yielding returns, why not invest on TV stars and come up with pop albums? That seems to be the motto currently. Even twenty years ago, no one would have dared to fly down to Dubai and picturise a romantic duet for just an album instead of ploughing the money on a film song. Isn’t it?

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