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Music Maestro & A Music Maverick- Anu Malik 


Winner of multiple awards Anu Malik, has given us some evergreen songs through his glorious journey as a music composer and singer. Call him just an ace musician and you are understating him. He is a living legend of music and one of the few musicians our nation is proud to have. From oldies to the young generation to small kids, Anu Malik’s music has found space in everyone’s heart.

With his sheer passion for music, he rose to fame and gave Bollywood some foot-tapping numbers like “Ek Garam Chaye ki Pyali”, “East or West India is the Best” and “Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen”.

He has carved his name on the trophy of Silver Lotus for his music for J.P. Dutta’s Refugee and the Filmfare Special Jury Award. Thereafter, it was raining awards for Anu Malik as he was nominated a zillion times in the category of Best Music Director, and won several Filmfare awards. He collaborated with various bigwigs of Bollywood and gave music a new direction. Surprises always delighted him as his songs “Chamma Chamma” and “Chunnari Chunnari” were used in Hollywood movies to bring a high entertainment quotient.

After making a powerful impact with his music, he chose to inspire others to follow their dreams and transform them into a reality. The world of entertainment cherishes his presence in the reality show Indian Idol, where he considered one of the best judges in the panel for their genuine and unbiased judgment.

Anu Malik journey in Bollywood has been a fascinating one, as his hunger to create music is infinite. Till date, the man is eager to learn more and create amazing music.

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