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Music maestro Sandesh Shandilya singer K. S. Chitra and director Pradeep Sarkar’s Piya Basanti to complete 20 years


Piya Basanti was released in November 2000 and went on to become India’s number one album. The titular song broke all musical records of the time and was ranked top song for several months to follow. Even after years its craze didn’t diminish. Music composer Sandesh Shandilya’s song -Piya Basanti is completing 20 years on 28 November in 2020. Ustad Sultan Khan, K. S. Chithra, director Pradeep Sarkar and Sandesh Shandilya are the composers of the sensational song. The album went on to become a huge success, winning an International Viewer Choice award from MTV.

Music maestro Sandesh Shandilya stated “When I started working on this album Piya Basanti I was around 27-28 years of age. I used to always think about what would be the definition of ‘Love’ for my Guru who was around 60 years of age. I used to wonder about the difference in perspectives towards ‘love’ as a concept for a boy in his 20s and a matured man in his 60s who has had a lot of experience of this world. I thought these two persons must be having a different perception of ‘love.’ So I asked Khansaab to sing this song and along with him we decided to request Chitra to sing the female part of the duet. Pradip Sarkar made the video he too brought alive the same ‘love’ that all of us had imagined, without his visual the whole journey would incomplete. We owe the tremendous success of this album to the musicians, singers, Sony Music Entertainment, filming team and actors – everyone has contributed equally to make this album a sensational hit.”

Director Pradeep Sarkar says “The lyrics of Piya Basanti showcase the story of the song. It was a song that lived in the heart of the entire country when it released. First the shoot of this album was going to happen in Delhi, but due to a lot of restrictions it finally got pushed to the hills of Himachal Pradesh. This music video is filled with soulful music, and it tells an interesting story of love at first sight which is beautifully depicted in this lovely music album.”

He adds, “My experience was incredible. I was glad to shoot with the cast and crew of the amazing album Piya Basanti. This song has really great vibes and it’s very close to my heart.”

The music director Sandesh Shandilya, singers Ustad Sultan Khan, K. S. Chithra and director Pradeep Sarkar have given us a song Piya Basanti with a message of longing and waiting for one’s beloved to come and unite with them.

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