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Music & Promo Of Much Discussed Film Bandhishaala Unveiled


Jyothi Venkatesh

The promo as well as the music of the film which bagged seven prestigious awards at the recently held 56th Maharashtra State Film Awards- Bandishaala were unveiled  at the Citilight theater on Monday. The film Bandishaala which stars Mukta Barve and has been directed by Milind Lele and written by Sanjay Krishna Patil  had bagged The award for the Best Film, Best Debut Producer, Best Actress (Mukta Barve), Best Female Singer (Priyanka Barve) , Best Background Music (Vijay Gawande), Best Lyricist (Sanjay Krishna Patil) and also the  Best Art Direction ( Narendra Haldankar).

The lyrics written by Sanjay Krishna Patil has been composed by the popular music director Amitraaj and sung by Vaishali Samant, Priyanka Barve, Arohi Mhatre, Aarti Kelkar and Amitraaj himself. The music album was unveiled in the presence of Mukta Barve and all the cast and crew of the film, which has been produced by Swati Sanjay Patil’s home production Shantaai Motion Pictures and presented by Shri Mauli Motion Pictures. Sanjay Krishna had earlier written the subject of award winning films like Jogwaa, 72 Miles Ek Pravas, Pangira and last but not the least Dashakriya has written not only the subject of Bandishaala inspired by a real life incident but also written the story, screenplay, dialogues as well as lyrics for the film.

The film which has the backdrop of a prison sets out to tackle a very pertinent social issue  and has Mukta Barve playing a very important female warden in a prison. Sanjay Krishna Patil and Mukta Barve are working together after a gap of ten years after they worked on Jogwaa, yet another award winning film. Payal Ganesh Kadam, Mangesh Ramchandra Jagtap are the co-producers of the film directed by Milind Lele with Suresh Deshmane as the DOP. Vittal Patil is the choreographer for the film which has  PR person Ram Kondu Kondilkar as the production designer. Prashant Naik has handled the action sequences of the film while Sunil Manjrekar has assisted Milind Lele in direction. Besides Mukta Barve, Bandishaala also stars Vikram Gaekwad, Sharad Ponkshe, Hemangi Kavi, Savita Prabhune, Asha Shelar, Praveen Tarade, Ashwini Giri, Ajay Purkar, Ananada Karyekar, Madhav Abhyankar, Shivaraj Walvekar, Anand Alkunte, Abhijeet Jhunjharrao, Prasanna Ketkar, Varsha Ghatpande, Sonali Magar, Pratap Kalke, Rahul Shirsaat, Pankaj Chemburkar. Anil Rawade, Umesh Bolke, Amil Nagarkar and Umesh Jagtap in key roles.Thanks to Maharashtra government , Bandishaala was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival in two different auditorium to thundering response. The film  is slated for rel;ease all over Maharashtra on June 21, 2019

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