Varun Jain & Hansika Pareek: 'Ho Jaane Do' Bridal Song

We have an ultimate bridal entry song for you. When your love stands in front of you at every turn of life, at different ages, in different emotions, life says let such love happen...

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Varun Jain & Hansika Pareek 'Ho Jaane Do' Bridal Song
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We have an ultimate bridal entry song for you. When your love stands in front of you at every turn of life, at different ages, in different emotions, life says let such love happen...when your destination becomes their destination too, when your path becomes their journey too, as many steps as you take, someone else is also ready to walk with you... let such love happen... every moment spent in a beautiful relationship 'Ho Jaane Do', the latest song from the incredible trio - Hansika Pareek, Varun Jain, and JUNO in collaboration with Artiste First, is like a warm hug for your heart, a reminder of love's everlasting magic.

Princy Khatiwada & Puneet Bhatia: A Heartfelt Journey

The heartfelt video featuring Princy Khatiwada & Puneet Bhatia shows the walk down memory lane and all the emotions a bride goes to when her love stands in front of her and all the memories and emotions spent with that one person flashes back in that moment. In a world where hearts ache for love's embrace, this is a song that will whisper straight to the soul.

Set against the backdrop of heartfelt emotions and warm melodies, "Ho Jaane Do" tells the timeless tale of love surpassing all boundaries. Each melody invites listeners into a world where love serves as a steadfast companion, navigating through the highs and lows of life. It's a journey where age, time, and emotions dissolve in the face of enduring affection. With every note, the song paints a vivid picture of a bond where love shines brightest, illuminating even the darkest of paths.

Varun Jain, the mastermind behind the composition, shared, “Creating the music for 'Ho Jaane Do' was a deeply enriching experience. We wanted the melody to reflect the timeless nature of love, and I believe we've achieved that. Each chord, each arrangement, is crafted to evoke emotions that linger long after the song has ended. It's a melody that transcends boundaries, echoing the universal language of love."

Hansika Pareek added, “When I first heard the lyrics of 'Ho Jaane Do,' I was immediately captivated by its portrayal of love. It's a song that speaks to the heart and resonates with anyone who has ever experienced the magic of true love. Through every verse, it felt like unraveling the pages of a timeless love story. Each line resonated with me deeply, evoking memories of cherished moments and emotions that linger in the soul."

Juno added, “As a lyricist, my aim is always to weave emotions into words. 'Ho Jaane Do' allowed me to delve into the depths of love and portray its various shades. It's a song that celebrates the beauty of companionship and the joy of finding love in unexpected places. Each line is a reflection of the intricate emotions that accompany love's journey."

Rohit Sobti, Co-Founder of Artiste First shares,”At Artiste First, we firmly believe that the collaboration between Hansika, Varun, and Juno in 'Ho Jaane Do' is a testament to the transformative power of music. It's a narrative that speaks to the depths of the human soul. This synergy of talent showcases the remarkable ability of music to evoke raw emotions and forge intimate connections with audiences.”


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