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Muskan Bamne perfects her Haryanvi accent for Sony SAB’S Super Sisters


Sony SAB’s tale about the undying love between two sisters, Shivani (Vaishali Takkar) and Siddhi (Muskan Bamne) and their captivating story went on-air this Monday, garnering immense appreciation.

Muskan, who portrays the character of Siddhi, a bubbly, happy go lucky and full of life girl with a tomboy-like demeanor, has an unmissable strong Haryanvi accent in the show that cuts like a knife. The actor being a thorough perfectionist went an extra mile to perfect her role on the show, learning Haryanvi from a professional. Her teacher, Sunita Sharma, also trained Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan for his Haryanvi in the blockbuster film Dangal.

Speaking about the same, Muskan Bamne commented“My character Siddhi has never attended school. This is the reason why you will find her speaking in pure Haryanvi accent in the show. For this accent, I had to undergo rigorous training to just learn how to carry that language and accent. I took a lot of time in grasping it but I had a great teacher. Sunita Ma’am, who has also trained Aamir Khan in Dangal, is here to teach me Haryanvi and I am definitely having fun.”

Apart from Vaishali Takkar and Muskan Bamne, the show has array of talented actors such as Ashmit (Gaurav Wadhwa), Chacha (Vijay Badlani), Mama (Kunal Pandit), Mami (Manini De Mishra) and their daughter Isha (Isha Anand Sharma). In recent episodes, Shivani is seen approaching Ashmit Oberoi of Oberoi Enterprises for a donation to get the roof of her school fixed. With a sprinkling of fantasy and a dash of love, the viewers surely have a surprise in store in the upcoming episodes.

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