“My childhood fantasies are coming true with my role in Hero - Gayab Mode On,” said actor Yesha Rughani

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“My childhood fantasies are coming true with my role in Hero - Gayab Mode On,” said actor Yesha Rughani

TV audience is too excited after watching Yesha Rughani's performance in Latest Sab TV Telecast - HERO - Gayab Mode on. We ask Yesha about her character in HERO and few other relative questions....

What made you accept Hero- Gayab Mode On? How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB?

publive-imageEverything about this show was so interesting for me, from it being a Superhero, sci-fi show to this particular character of Zaara, who is a film star and I said yes for the show without giving it a second thought. Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated with superheroes and knowing about what goes on behind the scenes of a film set. I am glad both my childhood fantasies are coming true with Hero- Gayab Mode On.

At a time when people are in desperate need of happiness and hope, being a part of the Sony SAB family and bringing a complete package for the Indian audience, is a very overwhelming feeling.

What makes this show special? What makes Hero- Gayab Mode On stand out from all other fantasy shows.

publive-imageWhen the promo of the show came out, that itself was so promising and gave a glimpse into the grandeur of the show. I honestly believe that with Hero- Gayab Mode On, the show and its look and feel is going to talk for itself and will tell how different the show is. The state-of-art visuals, unbelievable make-up of the aliens and the gripping and relatable storyline, are all evidence that the show brings something for the audience that they haven’t seen before on Indian television.

What was your first reaction when you saw the set?

Yesha Rughani as Zaara in Hero- Gayab Mode On- Sony SABI was awe-struck! It is a beautiful set. Personally for me, there is also an emotional connect with the set, because it is the same floor I shot my first-ever daily soap on.

Everything on the set is made so beautifully, from the spaceship set up, to the alien world. One would feel like they are on the sets of a Hollywood film. Even the entire look of the houses and streets has been created amazingly. I love going to Colaba Streets, and when I saw it recreated in such a nice way, I felt extremely happy!

 Please share something about your character, Zaara. Do you relate to this character?

Yesha rughaniZaara is a very hard working and a dedicated girl, who loves her work and for that, stays in Mumbai away from her family. That is the first thing that makes me relate to Zaara as I too love my work a lot.

Zaara has two layers to her character- one that everyone can see and the other which comes out only in front of selected people. She comes across as somebody who you cannot approach easily, and is a bit arrogant. However, when you actually get to know her, you come across this very nice, positive and a humble person. This version of Zaara will eventually unfold when she finds somebody who she can open up with.

Zaara is an aspiring actor in the show. How has your journey of becoming an actor been?

publive-image Honestly, getting into this industry has been a unique experience for me. I didn’t go through the normal shortlisting procedure. I was just spotted in an exhibition I went to and they asked me if I would like to do a show and from that time, my life changed. Therefore, I do not know how the routine process is, but I feel that whatever we wish for with our heart, eventually does come true.

I follow a secret rule as I believe that the universe is always listening and whatever you want or aspire, and really crave for, the universe makes it happen. Talent is important, of course, but sometimes other factors matter too. So, staying positive and focused is the key.

How has the experience been, shooting for the show, with the entire cast and crew?

publive-imageIt’s a fabulous team and I have been enjoying working with everyone a lot. There are two things- firstly, there is this young vibe and energy and I feel so much enthusiasm being on the set every day. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are very experienced, so there is so much to learn from them. All in all, there’s a very happy and positive vibe on the set at all times and I am loving it.

What would you like to say to your viewers?

Everyone has given their 200 percent for this show and we would love for the audience to give us their unconditional love, like they always have. I am sure they are going to enjoy the show a lot, as the story is set in today’s Mumbai and is very interesting. So, I just hope people watch the show every day and give us their honest opinion so we can work better.

Stay tuned to Hero- Gayab Mode On, Monday to Friday at 8 PM only on Sony SAB

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