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Sushmita Mukherjee shows gratitude towards the viewers as the show ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’ completes 50 episodes.

Star Bharat’s show ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’ has completed 50 episodes, marking a milestone in the dramedy genre on Indian television. The show, which premiered on January 23, 2023, has received an overwhelming response from the audience for its unique concept and entertaining storyline.

Sushmita Mukherjee

The show revolves around ‘Gaura’ and ‘Rekha’ portrayed by Kajal Chauhan and Sushmita Mukhrejee respectively. The unique nok-jhok between Gaura and Rekha is loved by the audience as it gives the viewers a quirky and fun drama to watch between a unique mother-in-law who is a ghost and daughter in law. The supporting cast, which includes seasoned actors like Bhavana Balsaver, Kavita Vaid and Vishal Chaudary, has also done an excellent job of bringing their characters to life. As the show completes 50 episodes Sushmita Mukherjee shows her gratitude towards the viewers who are showering their love on the show and expresses her thoughts on the same.

She says,
 “I am feeling happy that the show has completed 50 episodes already. It feels like it was yesterday when we started shooting for the show. The viewers are giving a lot of love to the show. We never imagined that the show would receive so much love as this is a very different genre unlike any other daily soaps. The show ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’ has very different characters apart from the main leads as well which makes the show a complete package.”

She further adds, “I hope that the viewers will keep showering their love on the show and I also want to thank and congratulate the audiences who have got us till here and I hope that just like this we complete many more episodes and reach a milestone together. And I promise that we will keep entertaining the viewers”.

Stay tuned to watch more episodes of ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’ every Monday-Friday at 7:30pm only on Star Bharat.