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Namish Taneja’s Disguises Himself In Different Looks For Mahesh Pandey’s Vidya!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Known for his character as Vivek Vardhan Singh in Mahesh Pandey’s Vidya on  Colors Namish Taneja is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to playing his character, perfectly. Currently, the storyline of the show revolves around a grand celebration organized by Nanku’s Singh (Played by Vaquar Sheikh) for his sister Ranjana’s (Played by Anamika Kadam) birthday. Amidst the birthday celebrations, Vivek gets together with Vidya (Played by Meera Deosthale) to get some proofs against Nanku for the negative influence he has on their school. So, in order to enter the birthday party he decides to disguise himself and takes on various avatars, becomes a Sardaarji, Anna & a villager. Talking about his experience Namish says, “The scene required me to play various characters, and I always look for an opportunity to take on challenging roles and play them to the best of my ability. This allowed me to test my own acting skills and I also got an opportunity to learn three different dialects. Acting is all about adapting to the role and I hope to keep doing my best.” Mahesh Pandey the writer cum producer is known for quality content and surely knows how to keep audiences glued to the show.

Namish Taneja’s Villagers look
Namish Taneja’s Tamilian Anna’s look
Namish Taneja’s Sardaarji look

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