Namita Lal: We’re happy that audiences are finding ‘Before Life After Death’ gripping, are able to connect with the story

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Namita Lal

Namita Lal is on cloud nine. Her latest Netflix release Before Life After Death has been earning much love on the platform. Happy with the response, the actor hopes to do more such amazing work.

“The film is getting an amazing response and its being hugely appreciated by audiences across the whole of Asia. People are actually sitting for 2 hrs and 15 minutes to watch the film. They are finding it gripping and feeling connected very deeply with the characters. It’s touching the right chords, making people think, smile, and evoking the right emotions. The film has a lot of hope. All the age groups have appreciated the nuances of things shown in the film. We are very happy with the rating it has got,” she smiles.

publive-image The subject may not be something new but what is unique is the story about these two Indian families, coming from two different social classes, and living in Singapore, shares the actor.

“The socio-economic challenges they face and how they deal with it are different. It’s not shown in a dark space but in a unique way. Singapore itself is a character in the film. It’s actually very beautiful. The multicultural cast is another beautiful aspect of the film,” she adds.

Namita is known for her choice of content. In her career she has mostly gone for offbeat subjects. And, this is a conscious effort on her part to do something new every time.


“I would like to do films about relationships, maybe human drama, unique drama, same sex relationships. Like the one I just finished,' Before, Life after death' is about a doctor-patient relationship. Also my new project, My Goal Football which portrays the story of a woman who wanted to make a good career out of football but she couldn’t. But as time passes she encourages the other kids to fulfil their dream,” says the actor, who enjoys watching a lot of OTT content, especially Indian dramas.

The trend of films exclusively being made for the web is common these days. And, Namita adds, “I don’t think a lot of films are made exclusively for the web. We find it easier to approach the OTT platform to reach more audiences than theatres now. Depending on the movies also and how you prefer it according to the tastes of the audience as human dramas can be seen at home with family unlike mega star movies like RRR. That’s how films are finding such avenues and such a wide range of audiences from all over the world.”

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