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Nandish Singh Sandhu Takes To Juhu Beach To Clean Up Post Ganpati


Jyothi Venkatesh

Nandish Singh Sandhu spent early morning hours today at Juhu Beach with volunteers cleaning up post the overhaul of Ganpati Visarjan last night.  The actor who believes in going environmentally friendly turned up early this morning despite the rain as he joined volunteers in cleaning up debris and plastic at the beach, which is one of the most popular places for Visarjan on the 11th day of Ganesh Chaturthi.  Nandish was recently seen making his big screen debut with Super 30 as Hrithik Roshan’s brother and received fabulous performances for his performance in the film as he stepped into the shoes of Pranav Kumar.  Speaking about the initiative Nandish says, “Ganesh utsav is such a beautiful and colourful festival but it is sad what we humans leave behind for the earth, which gives us everything. I believe in God and God blesses us with better life, then how can we spoil it by spoiling the environment in such a way. Instead we should be more responsible towards the environment and the earth which is a creation of the same God. I was heartbroken to see the beach after Visarjan today. Wherever I put my hand there was only plastic and waste. I couldn’t even pick up one handful of sand without plastic.Let’s pls all opt for Eco-friendly Ganesha and behave more responsibly and avoid using plastic.  The good thing that I heard from everyone at Juhu Beach was that as compared to last year plastic and other waste was less this year. Let’s keep moving in this direction.”

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