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Nath- Zewar Ya Zanjeer actor Puvika Gupta on TV being a female-dominated medium: I think it’s not about male or female, it’s more about interesting narratives


Puvika Gupta plays the role of Gauri in Nath-Zewar Ya Zanjeer. This latest family drama on Dangal TV has been the talk of the town. The actor talks about the show and her character.
“I relate myself with Gauri a lot. Much like her, I am my dad’s princess too. She is also emotional and soft like the way I am,” she continues, “I am getting positive response around the show from my fans, friends and relatives. They are also praising my performance. I feel so happy and grateful.”

Daily soaps require a lot of commitment in terms of time. On how she manages to take out time for her personal life, Puvika adds, “I enjoy shooting so don’t feel burdened a lot. But I don’t take my character home. As I said, Guari is very similar to me and what I take back from her every day is beautiful memories. And when I am not shooting, I spend time with my loved ones at home or we step out to have some fun. I also watch my favourite videos, and sleep well.”

TV is still a female-dominated medium, according to the general opinion. “As far as I think it’s not about male or female it’s more about interesting narratives. If anyone’s interest has been created in watching shows they will watch it no matter male or female. In some shows I have seen characters getting importance irrespective of gender and viewers are loving it,” says Puvika
About her experience of working with Dangal TV, Puvika shares, “I love this channel. I feel Dangal TV gives a lot of value to their artists and understands us better. They are very supportive of everyone who works with them. I would love to be associated with Dangal TV forever.”

Keep watching Nath – Zevar Ya Zanjeer, Monday to Saturday, at 8 pm, only on Dangal TV.

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