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National Youth Day: TV Actors Suggest How Youth Cam Help The Nation Develop

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Jyothi Venkatesh

National Youth Day is on the 12th of January.India has a lot of potentials when it comes to resources and talents and today’s youth in India is very bright. TV actors talk about how youth can take the country forward.

Shashank Vyas:

Firstly, the youth needs to understand their powers and potential. Plus, they need to see how much they can contribute to national growth. I am not against any source of entertainment but when I see today’s youth and how they are totally involved in Tik-Tok and PubG, I think these people should not talk about dipping economy and unemployment.

Param Singh:

To me, the younger lot needs to stop copying and trying to imitate or strive to be like the west. We need originality and a lot of individuality. Taking inspiration is alright but sticking to one’s cultural roots is a mix of hard work and smart work.

Mohsin Khan: 

We are a developing country with a large youth population. More than half of our population is in the working age. Social, political, economic equalities are something we lack even today. With the youth, it’s knowledge and unity over experience. Why can’t more youth be motivated to consider politics right from the school itself? This will strengthen their belief in democracy. What is the need to just aspire for a white-collar job in a foreign country. There are enough jobs available here. Currently, we are facing a lot of challenges. The youth has the ability to bring a change and stop the violence. Yes, of course, they need support at a family level, society level, and national level. They can shine but only through the support of the government.

Mohammad Nazim: 

The youth have to be aware of what is going on in the country and they should be goal-oriented. Life and time are both precious and the youth need to understand that. Technology is for us, we are not for technology

 The youth is wasting time on technology in the form of internet surfing and WhatsApp chatting even when it is not needed.

Jasmin Bhasin: 

Youth has power in any nation. The youth needs to understand their power and exercise their rights to utilize resources. Youth has to be sorted about what they want and how with unity they contribute to the society and country, just cribbing and complaining about what is not right doesn’t work. The result-oriented approach is the necessity

Mrunal Jain:

Youth need to take an active interest in all-round development and progress of the society and the nation. The youth should have a positive approach towards democracy, society and the world. The youth should also contribute to creating new job opportunities and shouldn’t be obsessed with the idea of shifting abroad for career purposes. There are enough opportunities for talented people in India too.

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