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Navratri’s Quote From Tv Actor Paritosh Tripathi, Simran Khanna And Ishita Ganguly

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Talking about the festival, Paritosh Tripathi says, “From the childhood I used to celebrate Navaratri as I belong from spiritual family. All the 9 days I worship all the 9 forms of goddess Durga. This year I am shooting on Navratri so it’s quite difficult for me to do all of them, but I always do fast of 1st and last day of Navratri i.e. Ashtami. During fast I eat fruits and coconut water. On the day of Ashtami I also perform Kanya Pujan ( feeding small girls) , I feel it is best part of Navratri to do Kanya pujan because we believe during Navratri goddess Durga come home in the form of little girl and we get blessing from all the little girls. I learned this worship from my parents and still my mother does proper 9 days Puja at the native place. Before moving to mumbai, I used to do act in Ramleela which happen in Navratri’s. Today whatever I have received only because of goddess Durga. This year I have decided to learn play proper Garba because I love watching Garba, it’s so colourful and a true stress buster.”

 Talking about the festival, Simran Khanna says, “From this Navratri I will start doing 9 days of fast, mostly I am shooting every day for 12hr and in this condition doing 9days fast will be little bit difficult, but I am sure it will happen smoothly with the blessing of Maa. The reason to do 9 days fast is because my mother used to do 9 days fast and few months back, she passed away, so I want to continue that tradition. This year Navratri are also important for me because I am working on great show ‘Yeah Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai’. I had also learnt various cooking forms from my mother, which we can specially eat in Navratri. I will make Nibu Pani and will carry on set. During my school time, every day I played Garba and used to have various style of Chaniya Choli, it faded with time. But yes, this year I will play Garba because I love to play.”

 Talking about the festival, Ishita Ganguly, says “Navaratri are very special for me as I belong from Kolkata and that place is known for Durga Puja. I celebrate proper 9 days of worship and rituals at my home and on the day of Ashtami. Me and my mother visit Durga Pandal and there we our meet relatives and friends and worship with all the rituals. Yes, we also play Sindor Khela which is very important. Mostly, I visit my native place Kolkata during Navratri but this year I am busy in my new show ‘Jag Janani Maa Vaishno Devi’ shooting, in which I am portraying role of Goddess Kali. I will mis Kolkata.”

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