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Nawaz looks to Rasika for her honest critique


Rasika Dugal needs no introduction. The actor who will be playing Safia Manto in the upcoming film by Nandita Das has already been garnering a lot of attention and praise for her role since the Cannes film festival. The actress who has worked in both films and theatre for many years is passionate about cinema and filmmaking and it shows in each film she chooses.

Currently busy with promoting the film, Rasika and her co actor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui who plays Manto himself have been talking a lot about the film and hosting screenings for various press houses and groups of people. Post each screening, there is a ritual the two extremely talented actors follow, it is to critique each other’s work. While both actors didn’t want to fall into the trap of over articulating during shoot, they are talking about all the details now that the film is complete and ready for release.’ We often talk about the scenes that worked, the moments that had caught us unaware. How a scene had felt while shooting and how that has/or has not come to life on screen; which of my scenes he liked the most and vice versa. It is rare to get honest feedback in this business. And from the people whose opinion you trust. I get to learn a lot and totally enjoy these conversations with Nawaz.’ While audiences have always known, Rasika Dugal is a volcano of talent, we can now safely say, it is true as Nawazuddin believes in her credibility too.

Safia Manto who was the author’s backbone every step of the way was a strong lady herself. Unfortunately not much has been said about her until now. Slated to release this September, audiences will get to watch the story of Manto and his strong wife, Safia.

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