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Nazar 2 actor Sheezan Mohmmad ANGRY Reaction on Indian Citizen Foolish Behaviour | Request to Follow Rules | COVID-19

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The only thing more trending now than Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood is the coronavirus COVID-19, it’s precautions and its effects. When it comes to being safe, the public have been advised to wash their hands, practice social distancing etc. The government itself announced a curfew on Sunday, the 22nd of March from 7am-9pm with a 5pm clapping of hands in support of our medical heroes. People were also told not to step out uncessary.

Considerate and law abiding actors like ‘Nazar 2’s Sheezan Mohd got angry with citizens who did not obey the curfew and vented his anger at them in a video saying that they should start taking the situation seriously and that it should not be treated as a joke anymore. He also said sarcastically that ,”As everyone knows, there’s been a really major curfew in Maharashtra, and not only here, but in other places as well. My appeal to you is that now is the time to take it seriously. If you don’t believe it, then look at what’s going on in Italy and China. And it’s not that if anything happened to them, so we thought it wasn’t our problem because we’re safe at home, we’re protected. No one thought about this. All those who died must have felt at some point that we’re safe, nothing is going to happen to us, we’re safe from the corona. Corona is your relative, right? that it will ignore your house and impact your neighbour?. It may not affect, but it may affect others around you. It’s time to get more knowledge and common sense about issues. It’s time for us to take care not just of ourselves, but of others as well. If we take care of ourselves, we can take care of others. Become a responsible citizen, because the time has become crucial to demonstrate our humanity. Jai Hind.


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On the whole, what he was trying to get across to all his fans and others as well was that we can help each other stay safe by following the rules and regulations laid down by PM Narendra Modi, as they were passed for a reason, to keep each and in every citizen safe and healthy. So, it is a humble request to everyone to follow the government’ orders, the lockdowns and any curfews placed.

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