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Neelu Waghela Shoots For 4 Hours In Water


Everyone has a different phobia in their life. Most people avoid confronting their phobia, but what happens when you don’t have an option? The same happened with our beloved actress Neelu Waghela who plays Satya Devi in Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Main Maayke Chali Jaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo’.

The actress was recently shooting for a crucial scene where she had to shoot in the swimming pool. The sequence was when the goons come to kill Satya Devi and throw her in the swimming pool with her hands tied. Since the sequence was very tough and to enact it perfectly, Neelu made sure it looked real and gave several retakes. Her dedication was such that the entire sequence took 4 hours for shooting and Neelu was in the water for the entire duration. The entire star cast was overwhelmed with her dedication and did not forget to clap for the actor who despite having water phobia shot in the water for continuously such long hours.

Commenting on the sequence, Neelu Waghela said, “Firstl I was very scared looking at the swimming pool. I have water phobia since childhood and was very tense when I had to shoot for this particular sequence. But as soon as I got into the swimming pool I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for the sequence and was so engrossed in the shoot that I did not realize that I spent 4 hours in the pool. I think my fear has gone now and in the  future I will not have any problem shooting for any sequence in the water.”

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