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Neha Kakkar Is Suffering From Depression, Shares Stories On Social Media


Neha Kakkar who has escalated her market value in just a year or more is suffering from depression post her breakup with her rumoured beau Himansh Kohli.  In her Instagram stories which she posted on Friday, she wrote, “Yes I am in Depression. Thanks to All the Negative people in the world. You’re successful in giving me the worst days of my life.” She also mentioned that it is not “bcz of One Person or two, it’s coz of the World who’s not letting me Live my personal life.”

Asking people to let her live happily, the 30-year-old added, “I’m thankful to everyone who love my work or me but people who talk Rubbish about Me without even knowing how I am or what I’m going through giving me a hard time.. l beg plz Let me live happily, r beg Piz don’t be Judgmental, l beg Plz Let Me Live!”

We wish that she comes out of it soon.

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