<strong>Neha Thakur: I always study on New Year eve</strong>

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<strong>Neha Thakur: I always study on New Year eve</strong>

Actress Neha Thakur, who is known for her show Udaariyaan, says that New Year even has always been about studying for her, right since childhood. The actress says that she believes that whatever she does on New Year, she will continue to do for the rest of the year as well.
“This might sound weird but I have this habit of studying on New Year eve…Yes! Nerd Alert! I’ve been doing this since childhood because we were told that what we do on the New Year's Eve, we end up doing that for the whole year and it has become a habit since then. My friends have a lot of fun with it!” she says.

She adds, “If we, actors, go home on New Year then how will people enjoy the New Year Special episode at their home? So, we’ll be shooting in Punjab. And Punjab also feels like home now!”

Ask her how the year has been for her, and she says, “Interesting, Uncertain, okay-ish, that’s grammatically incorrect but it’s a feeling! You can’t pretend to be ok if you’re not! It’s just going to make you worse! Just get those emotions out! You’re human and you’re allowed to feel however you want to. To calm myself and be presentable, mentally, in-between all the hardships, has been challenging for me.”

However, this year has been great as well. “I got a baby brother after a really long time! That angel just made us all happy again. This year’s resolution is a resolution for life…that I won’t be hard on myself and I’ll stop using humour as a defence mechanism to hide my emotions,” she says.

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