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New Talents In The Industry Have “Passion, Energy And Fresh Ideas Says Himansh Kohli


Jyothi Venkatesh

After his successful debut with Yaariyan (2014), Himansh Kohli’s career went through a rough patch when four of his subsequent films didn’t do well at the box office till 2017. And the actor admits the response did make him step back and introspect. But, that was the time when the actor bettered his craft and worked on his looks. Three years later, Himansh has finally signed his sixth film, Boondi Raita.

“This film is really close to my heart. As an actor, I wanted to try different dimensions, something unconventional. The film is a slice-of-life story with a tinge of comedy and masala. Finally, I’m getting out of my boyhood (he mentions that’s what most of his earlier characters were) and I’m playing a man, who evolves with the story,” says Kohli. He has been associated with the film since the screenplay was written.

Kohli is paired opposite Sonnalli Seygall in the film that marks the directorial debut of Kamal Chandra. “Sonnalli started her career with Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011) when I was doing my internship as an RJ, and I remember meeting the film’s team in the studio. I had told them it gives me a lot of hope that so many newcomers are being launched. And years later, I’m working with her,” says Kohli, who feels that the new talents in the industry have “passion, energy and fresh ideas”.

The actor says that over the years his perception about a stable career in films has changed. He says, “There are two things. Either you make the most of whatever is coming your way and do it in a manner that everyone wants to work with you, or you can sit back and wait for the people you want to work with and let them approach you. I won’t deny getting offers from popular directors, but the roles weren’t appealing. I used to worry thinking about how I’m going to say no to them. Earlier, the time belonged to actors, but now, only content works.”


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