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New Year 2020 Quotes From Tv Actors Paritosh Tripathi, Sangeeta Adhikary And Ishita Ganguly

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Actor Paritosh Tripathi shared his views on New Year Celebration “On every new year I used to visit temple for god blessings and this year also I will go temple. My new year 2020 resolution is to get healthier. I have planned many new things in coming year like my 2nd book publication and planning for new projects. I don’t go much for clubbing and partying, but this new year celebration I will be celebrating with Poem and Shayari’s with my friends on new year eve. This new year 1st call I will do it to my mother and take her blessing before starting a day. In 2020 I would wish for India to get free from pollution and traffic, there is too much pollution and traffic in our country which is not good for our health. I would like to wish everyone a big bunch of happiness and healthy new year in 2020.

Actress Sangeeta Adhikary shared her wishes for new year celebration “Every year I celebrate this eve with my family and friends. This year my new year resolution is to join Gym and lose weight. If I get holiday in new year so me and my husband and my daughter will go for a day picnic somewhere near Mumbai. For India, in 2020 I wish our country free from plastic and make green India. This year I am shooting for my show ‘Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum’ and in new year few more project is in pipeline. I Wish everyone a very happy new year.”

Actress Ishita Ganguly shared her views on new year celebration “Basically I don’t believe in making new resolution because whenever we are not able to fulfil that, we get upset. So, I want to improve myself and do best what I am doing currently. I love to explore new places and food, so I am planning to go out of Mumbai with my family this time. Last year I had given surprised to my mother and brother, we all went to Udaipur and explore Rajesthani foods. It will be great if in 2020 we all improve in gender equality and do more improvement in women safety. Also, if Mumbai’s traffic can reduce, it will be great new year improvement because of traffic we all travel 3 hr only for 10 to 20 kilo meters.”

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