Chamkila Welcomes Child with First Wife Despite Marriage to Amarjot

Imtiaz Ali's film Amar Singh Chamkila is generating discussions on social media

Imtiaz Ali revealed that Chamkila had a child with Gurmail Kaur, in addition to his marriage with Amarjot

The director wanted to explore more aspects of Chamkila and Gurmail's relationship in the film

However, due to relevance and editing constraints, the portrayal of Gurmail's character was limited

Chamkila and Gurmail's marriage had interesting details, such as Chamkila being six years younger and receiving a bicycle as a wedding gift

Chamkila and Gurmail would often ride the bicycle together, with Chamkila sitting in the back seat as he was underage

The film was edited to bring it up to date, but the director believes there is still more to explore in their relationship

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