Gugni Gill Panaich Wows at Cinevesture Film Festival

Punjabi superstar Gugni Gill Panaich attends the opening of the first Cinevesture International Film Festival in Chandigarh and makes a special fashion statement in her all-green co-ord outfit

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Gugni Gill Panaich Wows at Cinevesture Film Festival
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Talented Punjabi superstar and entrepreneur Gugni Gill Panaich is one diva who manages to remain in the limelight for all the right reasons. Apart from being a serious hustler who commands quite a bit of fan following, particularly in the Northern part of the country, Gugni is also someone who's always got the will and hunger to learn new things to hone her craft even better.

Gugni: From Film Success to Cinevesture Festival Guest

She's currently basking in the glory of her latest successful film 'Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali' and no wonder, she deserves to be in a happy space. One important aspect that fans really admire about Gugni is her constant drive and will to learn and get better. Well, for an actor, attending film festivals of International standards, meeting the biggest and most wonderful brains of the fraternity and studying the process is a big part of that preparation. That's why, whenever she gets some time away from her usual busy schedule, she always makes it a point to attend such festivals whenever she can in order to have a great experience and meet some great minds. Well, that's exactly the positive and inspiring thought process that made Gugni attend the first-ever Cinevesture International Film Festival in Chandigarh as a guest. Yes, that's right.

This was the first-ever International film festival for Chandigarh and it has a spectacular line-up of 88 mesmerizing films from both national as well as International talents. Gugni looked absolutely brilliant and smoking hot in her all-green co-ord outfit and well, you simply cannot ignore that beautiful handbag which perfectly matches with the vibe of her outfit. She was truly spotted in her 'element' in her 'picture-perfect' moments and well, we truly feel that her smile can kill.

Apart from being a talented and admired actress, Gugni Gill Panaich is someone who's also known for her philanthropic activities and it is this humble nature of her's that makes her army of fans connect with her all the way more. On the work front, Gugni Gill Panaich is set to have many interesting work projects happening at her end, the announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines.


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