Lockupp Fame Anjali Arora Solidly Supports Elvish Yadav

News & Gossip: Lockupp Fame Anjali Arora Solidly Supports Elvish Yadav in Controversy with Maxtern; says, "Kisi baat ki koi dikkt ni leni, we all are with you

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Lockupp Fame Anjali Arora Solidly Supports Elvish Yadav
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Anjali Arora, a social media sensation with an extensive Instagram following exceeding 13 million, has emerged as a prominent figure in the limelight. Renowned for her influential presence across various platforms, Anjali has not only captivated audiences but has also made her mark in the reality show "Lockupp." Recently, she garnered attention for sharing her perspective on an ongoing controversy involving YouTuber Sagar Thakur, aka Maxtern, and Elvish Yadav.

Controversy Erupts: Maxtern vs Elvish Yadav Altercation

A day after Maxtern accused Elvish Yadav of threats, a video surfaced on social media depicting the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner physically assaulting Sagar Thakur. The incident has sparked widespread discussions, with diverse opinions on social media regarding who was at fault in the altercation.
Anjali Arora took a decisive stand by posting a story on her Instagram account, expressing her unwavering support for Elvish Yadav. Through her story, she shared her viewpoint, accompanied by the hashtag #wesupportelvishyadav. In her post, Anjali reassured Elvish, stating, "Kisi baat ki koi dikkt ni leni, we all are with you. Aise bhot aaye or bhot gaye, sabko safaiya dene thodhi baithenge ham log. We #anjalians with you!"
As the controversy continues to unfold, opinions on social media have varied widely. Some believe that Maxtern provoked Elvish Yadav, while others stand firmly in support of Sagar Thakur. Criticism of the incident, without aligning with either party, is also prevalent.
Anjali Arora's vocal support for Elvish Yadav adds an intriguing dimension to the ongoing debate. Her stance reflects not only her loyalty to the fellow content creator but also emphasizes the complexities of navigating controversies in the digital age.
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