Mumbai Heroes is ready to win Celebrity Cricket Premier League 2024

Get ready for cricket with a twist! The eagerly awaited 10th edition of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) will begin on Friday, February 23, 2024 at 7:00 PM IST in Sharjah.

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Mumbai Heroes is ready to win Celebrity Cricket Premier League 2024

Get ready for cricket with a twist! The eagerly awaited 10th edition of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) will begin on Friday, February 23, 2024 at 7:00 PM IST in Sharjah. The opening match promises fireworks as Mumbai Heroes take on Kerala Strikers. Cricket activities will run from February 23 to March 17, 2024. Before the start of the game, team players Sohail Khan, Bobby Deol, Saqib Saleem, and some people associated with the team were present in the press conference of Mumbai Heroes.

The Press Conference Of Mumbai Heroes

This league has been around for ten years, some boys have now become men and some men have now become boys. What kind of change has happened in the team in these ten years?

Sohail- Only one thing has happened and that is all men have become boys. The kind of work we do requires a different kind of fitness. We can use body double in acting and shooting but not here. From running in the field to saving runs and diving to taking catches, everything is real. We all used to be fans of Sunil Gavaskar and Pele in our childhood and later we all became fans of Shahrukh and Tom Cruise. There is a sportsman inside every child or every person. For the first time, when Vishnu sir came to me with this concept, we went to Anna (Sunil Shetty) and we formed a team in Mumbai. When our first match took place, we played against the entire southern team. And from that time it started. We all eagerly wait for this time, we stop our shooting, and we all make excuses so that we can play Celebrity Cricket League. We also get injuries during this game but we like it.

Mumbai Heroes team

Last year you guys could not go to the finals, so are you guys practicing more this time?

Sohail- It seems shameful to miss a catch only on screen, otherwise it is very tough in the field. We believe that catches win matches. We are working very hard this time. Our team is very good. If I talk about last year, it was very unfortunate for us and I will give full credit to the Bhojpuri batsmen who won the match by hitting a six on the last ball.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga had said during an interview that he saw you in a viral clip of CCL from where he got the idea of casting you in the film 'Animal'. Who were you looking at so intently in that video that we got the character of Abrar?

Bobby- Maybe this will be the video of that time when my team is losing (funny style). I like CCL very much because I love cricket. I have been playing cricket since childhood. I still remember the day when I was shooting with Sunil and he said “We play cricket, you also come” and I asked which cricket. Then he told me about CCL and when I went there I saw that people there were practicing very seriously. When I went to play, I realized that I would not be able to bat and I also enjoyed bowling, so I started bowling. When I went to the stadium to play, I understood how hard our Indian cricket team works and how difficult it is to stay on the field and play. I just hope that my team is working hard. I guess I'm lucky that I got 'Animal' because of that one picture.

Mumbai Heroes

People love to see you on the field when you play in the CCL, are you playing this year?

Bobby- I wish I was playing but I'm not. I will follow the game as it is shown on many networks.

Saqib- He has promised that if we reach the semi-finals, he will play this semi-final.

Sohail- Bobby has done a dream over during a match where he took 3 wickets in 3 balls in a single over. I went to him and said keep doing what you are doing. The answer was “I don't know what I am doing.” Then I said keep doing what you are doing. And he bowled the ball after that and took another wicket.

Before going to the field you keep smiling but as soon as you go to the field you become an angry young man. What happens after going to the field?

Saqib- Getting the title of Angry Young Man is a compliment to me. Now whether I become an actor or do anything else, I am still a Delhi boy. When I am playing cricket, I am not able to keep my anger inside. Maybe this is my way of showing my love for the game. I play very passionately and that's the only way I know. If I'm not having fun playing, then I won't be able to play the game properly.

Which is the team that you like to beat the most, would it be Bhojpuri Dabangg?

Saqib- According to what they did to us in the last season, Bhojpuri must be Dabangg. I would like to defeat every team in the tournament this year.

Is this CCL game like a Big Boys Trip?

Saqib- It's like a school picnic. We all eat, play, and have fun together.

Vishnu sir what do you think about this year's Mumbai Heroes?

Vishnu- Everyone is practicing very well. These guys deserve to win this year. The Mumbai team is the most-liked team in the entire tournament. I want to see this team win because this team has worked very hard in the last ten years. He has won once and I think he will win this time also.

Who is the most stylish player on the team?

Sohail- Saqib

Who is the naughtiest player in the team?

Sohail- Saqib

Who is most serious about the game in the team?

Sohail- Saqib

Sohail- Saqib - bobby


Who parties more than team practice?

Sohail- Saqib

Who is a comedian on the team?

Sohail- Saqib

Sohail- All these questions have been written for Saqib only.

Who is the laziest on the team?

Sohail- Bobby

Who is dependable in the team?

Sohail- Ritesh


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